A simple life is a beautiful life.

A simple life is a beautiful life.

The Pacific

Tiny Homes

Space-saving architectural designs that maximise your living space.

Tiny Homes of Noosa

Tiny Homes of Noosa

Tiny Homes Of Noosa is more than anything a way to a better future. We have created our homes to embrace a new way of living with all the comforts contained in our architecturally built, fully engineered tiny homes on wheels.

Our goal at Tiny Homes Of Noosa is to

  • Embrace the Easy Life

    Tiny Homes Of Noosa offer an affordable way to live in very uncertain times.

  • Sophistication

    Using smart design and strategic planning, we can create luxury in even the most compact of spaces.

  • Your Ongoing Investment Opportunity

    Investing in this opportunity will give you an ongoing return on investment.

  • Transportable Solution

    With portable and versatile designs, Tiny Homes of Noosa are the perfect companion to go wherever you go.

  • Resellable Asset

    By investing in an asset that can be resold when it’s no longer required, you’re not only gaining ownership benefits but also ensuring flexibility and liquidity.

  • Sustainable Living

    Tiny homes offer a sustainable living option by providing a smaller living space that uses fewer resources and promotes a minimalist lifestyle, ultimately reducing carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendliness.

Tiny Homes of Noosa – Our Suppliers

Atlas Frames

Temple and Webster
Q Arch – Architecture
Scott Mayes Engineering
Cooroy Sheet Metal
Harvey Norman Electrical
North Coast Plumbing
Haymans Electrical

Living Tiny is a lifestyle choice that is gaining popularity as people realise that nature, time, and freedom are more valuable than material possessions and large homes. It’s not just about housing, it’s a way of life that emphasises simplicity, minimalism, and living in harmony with nature. As more people awaken to this alternative way of living, the tiny house movement continues to grow.

Practical and affordable shelter for protection

As we read, hear, and witness the loss of jobs, the closure of businesses, and the escalation of high interest rates, along with the ongoing struggle for rental properties, it becomes clear that our future is heavily dependent on having a secure and affordable place to live that meets our essential needs. Tiny Homes of Noosa recognises the importance of providing individuals with a roof over their heads to protect themselves and their loved ones while also including the necessary amenities that we have come to rely on.

We take pride in assembling a superb team that delivers a top-notch end product. When you invest in our homes, you gain the freedom to relocate wherever and whenever necessary – be it providing a home for your children who need independence due to the rental crisis, job loss, or soaring living expenses; earning additional income; or supporting your child’s journey towards self-sufficiency.

Our homes also offer the opportunity to provide a safe environment for your elderly parents near you while allowing them to maintain their independence or simply escaping to your own paradise. We have put in a significant amount of time and effort to make sure that our homes are versatile enough to cater to all your needs, regardless of the purpose of your investment.

Aussie Tiny Homes

Tiny Home of Noosa – The Collection

The Atlantic Tiny Home

The Atlantic

Featuring a single level design, the Atlantic Tiny Home provides sophisticated living through ingeniously designed spaces.

The Coral Kitchen Tiny Home

The Coral

Queen size bed, large lounge, kitchen and bathroom. The mezzanine inspired Coral Tiny Home, offers space and relaxed living.

The Pacific

The Pacific

High ceilings are just one of distinctive qualities of The Pacific Tiny Home. Engineered perfection delivers quality construction.