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Energy-efficient design providing you with a greater connection to nature and the outdoors.

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Architect inspired tiny home designs are becoming increasingly popular as more people embrace the idea of living in compact and efficient spaces. These designs prioritise functionality and style, utilising creative solutions to maximise the limited space available.

Architects are able to think outside the box and design unique spaces that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. From innovative storage solutions to multipurpose furniture, architect inspired tiny homes are designed to offer comfort and convenience without sacrificing style or quality.

The Atlantic Tiny Home

The Atlantic

Featuring a single level design, the Atlantic Tiny Home provides sophisticated living through ingeniously designed spaces.

Atlantic side plan

The Atlantic Deluxe

Customise to include layouts with 3 or 4 bedrooms, add multiple bathrooms etc, the Atlantic Deluxe offers a range of options to suit your needs.

Atlantic side plan
The Coral Kitchen Tiny Home

The Coral

Queen size bed, large lounge, kitchen and bathroom. The mezzanine inspired Coral Tiny Home, offers space and relaxed living.

Coral Tiny Home Side View Plan
The Pacific

The Pacific

High ceilings are just one of distinctive qualities of The Pacific Tiny Home. Engineered perfection delivers quality construction.

Pacific Tiny Home Side View

The benefits of

Life in a Tiny Home

Tiny housing is the new way of living. Our Tiny Homes provide cutting-edge solutions for the unique Tiny Home living needs. In hand with technology, ecology, and safety standards.

Tiny Home Contemporary Bathroom

Lower carbon footprint

Play your part towards a sustainable future. Living Tiny means fewer carbon emissions. The green-energy sources and water collection system reduce your carbon footprint to the minimum. Live for yourself and the earth.

Tiny Home living room with TV

Your Home Wherever Life Takes You

Moving to another city? Leave the good memories behind but not your home.
Save yourself from all the hassle of moving out of your old home and moving into a new one. Even as life constantly changes, you will have a home to stay in.

Free of loans

Own a compact, complete, comfortable and clever Tiny House with a friendly budget. Save the money on bills and live free of mortgage pressure.

fully-equipped with home appliances

Fully Livable Upon Arrival

Convenient & complete

Our products are entirely pre-fabricated —ready to use upon arrival without further assembling and installations. Our Smart Optionally also fully-equipped with home appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, TV, AC, stoves, and even water heaters to meet your daily needs. Lightings and plumbing are entirely functional.

Fully Engineered

Architectural Designs

Our fully engineered Tiny Homes provide architect designed living spaces designed and tested using sound engineering principles. Calculations, simulations, and modeling have put our Tiny Home designs to the test to ensure safety, reliability, and efficiency. Our goal is to provide a functional living space that meets industry standards and minimises environmental impact, while incorporating space-saving and sustainable design features.

Fully Engineered Tiny Home Designs