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Energy-efficient design providing you with a greater connection to nature and the outdoors.

Tiny Rooms

Creative Design Solutions

In recent years, the concept of tiny living has become increasingly popular, with many people opting for smaller homes that are more affordable and environmentally friendly. However, it’s not just houses that can be downsized – small spaces can also be ideal for a tiny room, such as a bedroom or home office.

A tiny room is a compact space that has been designed to make the most of every centimetre, whilst still providing all the functionality and comfort of a larger room. Whether you’re looking to downsize or just want to make the most of a small space, a tiny room can offer a range of benefits and opportunities for creative design solutions.

Tiny rooms can also be designed / supplied as amenities, such as showers and toilets. Supplied on skids, these can be perfect solutions for specific jobs in remote construction sites, festivals, or events. These compact units are optimized for functionality and mobility, including features such as water heaters, waste holding tanks, and handwashing stations. These mobile units provide an efficient and effective solution to providing basic facilities in challenging locations where traditional infrastructure may be limited or nonexistent.


The Room you Need!

Garden Room / Office Room / Gym Room / Utility Room / Spare Bedroom / Teenagers Retreat

Welcome to the future of versatile living with Tiny Homes Garden Room! Measuring a compact yet spacious 2.4m x 4m, these innovative spaces are perfect for transforming your garden into a functional haven. Whether you’re looking to create a private gym, a handy utility room, teenagers retreat, a serene garden retreat, spare bedroom or a productive home office, Tiny Homes Garden Room adapts to your needs. Starting at just $26,500, it’s never been easier to enhance your lifestyle with a touch of modern elegance and practicality. Discover the endless possibilities and redefine your living space today!

The Garden Room

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The Garden Room is a versatile and professional multi-functional space that offers air-conditioning for your comfort. Whether you need a space for work, relaxation, physiotherapy, consulting, or other purposes, this room is suitable for all.

Create a permanent space

A Tiny Room on skids offers greater stability and is typically easier to install, with the option to add features like a foundation for added durability. This option is perfect for those who prioritise a long-term fixture  and want to create a permanent space. Our Tiny Rooms on skids come in a variety of sizes and can be customised to suit your specific needs and preferences.


  • Feature timber floor
  • Air-conditioning
  • Window and sliding door
  • 2 double power points
  • Ceiling lights – 4 led down lights
  • External light
  • Engineered steel skid base/frames
  • Fully insulated walls/ceiling
  • Blue scope steel roof and wall cladding

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Tiny Future-Proofing

Future-proofing your business by using a tiny room as a professional space can provide a range of benefits, including cost savings, flexibility, mobility, and environmental sustainability. It’s a smart and practical solution for any business looking to optimize its operations and stay competitive in the long run.

Tiny Room Amenities

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Providing remote amenities solutions can pose challenges as it often requires trucks for delivery and plumbing installations that may not be suitable for environmentally sensitive areas. However, Tiny Room amenities offer a range of advanced technologies that can mitigate waste, leverage solar power, and incorporate water storage solutions to address these issues.

Bespoke Solutions

Our Tiny Room amenities solutions are meticulously designed by architects and professionally engineered to ensure reliability and provide peace of mind. Whether it’s a bespoke solution to a specific problem or a standard model, each Tiny Room is custom-built to meet your needs. Our delivery options can include a fixed platform options such as a skid, and our team at Tiny Homes of Noosa is always available to provide assistance in finding and delivering your ideal solution.

Tiny Home Contemporary Bathroom


  • W/C
  • Shower
  • Feature timber floor
  • Vanity
  • Mirror
  • Blue scope steel roof and wall cladding
  • Double power point
  • Down lights x 2
  • External light
  • Towel rail W/C holder

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Architectural Designs

Our fully engineered Tiny Homes provide architect designed living spaces designed and tested using sound engineering principles. Calculations, simulations, and modeling have put our Tiny Home designs to the test to ensure safety, reliability, and efficiency. Our goal is to provide a functional living space that meets industry standards and minimises environmental impact, while incorporating space-saving and sustainable design features

Breathtaking design for home living.

Breathtaking design for home living.

Experience the ultimate in tiny home luxury with “The Atlantic Deluxe”. Contact us now on 0438 128 145 to make your dream a reality!

Experience the ultimate in tiny home luxury with “The Atlantic Deluxe”. Contact us now on 0438 128 145 to make your dream a reality!

fully-equipped with home appliances

Fully Livable Upon Arrival

Convenient & complete

Our products are entirely pre-fabricated —ready to use upon arrival without further assembling and installations. Our Smart Optionally also fully-equipped with home appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, TV, AC, stoves, and even water heaters to meet your daily needs. Lightings and plumbing are entirely functional.