A simple life is a beautiful life.

A simple life is a beautiful life.

Tiny Home kitchen

Tiny Homes

Energy-efficient design providing you with a greater connection to nature and the outdoors.

Tiny Homes Of Noosa – for YOU.

Tiny Homes of Noosa

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Tiny homes offer several benefits over traditional housing options. Affordability, lower energy costs, minimal maintenance, mobility, reduced environmental impact, and customisation. We offer a selection of 3 contemporary architect designed homes that you can choose from;

The Atlantic Tiny Home

The Atlantic

Featuring a single level design, the Atlantic Tiny Home provides sophisticated living through ingeniously designed spaces.

The Atlantic Deluxe

Customise to include layouts with 3 or 4 bedrooms, add multiple bathrooms etc, the Atlantic Deluxe offers a range of options to suit your needs.

The Coral Kitchen Tiny Home

The Coral

Queen size bed, large lounge, kitchen and bathroom. The mezzanine inspired Coral Tiny Home, offers space and relaxed living.

The Pacific

The Pacific

High ceilings are just one of distinctive qualities of The Pacific Tiny Home. Engineered perfection delivers quality construction.



Garden Room / Office Room / Gym Room / Utility Room / Spare Bedroom / Teenagers Retreat

Welcome to the future of versatile living with Tiny Homes Garden Room! Measuring a compact yet spacious 2.4m x 4m, these innovative spaces are perfect for transforming your garden into a functional haven. Whether you’re looking to create a private gym, a handy utility room, teenagers retreat, a serene garden retreat, spare bedroom or a productive home office, Tiny Homes Garden Room adapts to your needs. Starting at just $26,500, it’s never been easier to enhance your lifestyle with a touch of modern elegance and practicality. Discover the endless possibilities and redefine your living space today!

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The Coral

Architect inspired Tiny Houses redefining the concept of luxury Tiny Home living.

Architect inspired Tiny Houses redefining the concept of luxury Tiny Home living.

One of the main advantages of our tiny homes on wheels is their portability. This allows homeowners to take their home with them when they travel or move to a new location. It also means that they can avoid the cost and hassle of purchasing or renting a traditional home.

Architect designed tiny homes